‘Spirit of Freedom’: 40 Primates Saved from Black Market Lima

'Spirit of Freedom:' 40 Primates Saved from Black Market Lima
Thursday April 23, 2015
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Forty primates were recently rescued from illegal trafficking in Lima. Among the forty animals were individuals of the black capuchin, white capuchin, achuni, chozna, choro, puffin, musmuqui, and maquisapa species. They temporarily were housed at the former Lima zoo before being transported to an animal reguge sanctuary in Loreto in the Amazon jungle.

The Regional Management Program of Forest Resources and Wildlife along with the non-profit Animal Defenders International (ADI) worked together to transport the 40 primates to the community of Padrecocha on the Nanay river in Loreto. They were flown by plane first to Iquitos as part of operation ‘Spirit of Freedom’ organized by FAP. They were then moved by boat to Loreto and the ‘Pilpintuwasi’ refuge center, or the Butterfly House refuge center, which took responsibility of the primates and their care.

The director of the Regional Management Program of Forest Resources and Wildlife, Gustavo Torres Vásquez, stated that: “We thought this transfer convenient as the final part in the process of leaving them in custody at the Pilpintuwasi rescue center, so they are in good condition.”

This rescue comes after two other major rescues of wild animals at the hands of illegal traffickers or otherwise abusive owners. It began with the rescue of Cholita, a spectacled bear, who after years of waiting has finally found a proper home. Local officials have also previously worked with ADI to rescue 34 lions from Peruvian circuses who were taken to a specially built sanctuary in the U.S. As cases such as these continue to arise, it is fitting that Peruvians have begun a citizens initiative (Link to previous article #25) to secure harsher punishment for those who abuse animals.

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