Skateboarding Sparks Passion in Peru´s Younger Generation

Skateboarding Sparks Passion in Peru´s Younger Generation
Wednesday April 12, 2017
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An organization focused on improving the lives of lower-income areas in Peru is sparking passion in Peru´s younger generation through the sport of skateboarding.

The organization is called the Concrete Jungle Foundation and is run by Clemet Taquet and Harry Gerrad, two European expats.

The founders met while doing volunteer work in Peru in the surf town of Huanchaco. They instantly bonded over their shared interest of skateboarding.

After seeing how much the local children of Huanchaco enjoy skateboarding, the two friends decided to take a stab at their own organization. Therefore, they joined forces to create the Concrete Jungle Foundation.

The aim of the foundation is to create skate parks in communities that lack a lot of green space in order to provide the local kids with a place to play. The first skate park is now under construction in a small town outside of Trujillo and is slated to open at the end of this month.

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