A Show Case of Orchids in Lima

A Show Case of Orchids in Lima
Wednesday October 21, 2015
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Did you know that 10% of all the worlds orchid species can be found in Peru? On top of that just this year 3 new species were discovered near Machu Picchu, adding to the regions total of over 3,000, and although Ecuador at the moment has the most number of registered orchids it is believed that Peru is really not far behind and with a little more investigation could take the lead.

Lima isn´t exactly the first place you would think to find this beautiful fauna but thanks to Club Peruano de Orquideas you can see the international exhibition of orchids, a showcase that will take place the first weekend of November. In the exposition you can learn what type of orchids can grow in specific climates and how to grow them. There are so many different species, they can grow in a variety of climates, and you just need to know which one to pick.

There will be a series of conferences taking place on November 7th and 8th, and also three different exhibitions. One of the exhibitions, entitled ‘conservando la diversidad’ –conserving dignity will deal with climate change and the effects of El Niño.

The orchid is a perennial plant, meaning that it returns year after year. The season last from November until March, so now we are just at the beginning of this year’s Orchid season.

Orchids can be found all over Peru. For example Moyobamba, located in northern Peru, is considered one of the best places to see a wide variety of orchids. Also places like Piura and Tumbes in the far north of Peru and the Machu Picchu are well known for having an abundance of species.

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