Shopping malls in Peru

Shopping malls in Peru
Wednesday March 25, 2015
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Shopping malls are getting more and more popular in Peru! The middle class in Peru is an upcoming part of the society and seem to enjoy shopping in malls and is therefore part of the success.

For 2015 Peru is expecting to sell for 8 billion USD. This will be increase of 11% compared to last year.

With a sales production of 2.290 billion USD in 2008, shopping malls have gone beyond on what they were expecting according to Antonio Contreras, president of the Association of Shopping and Entertainment Centers of Peru (ACCEP)

For this year, he expects 55,6 million people to visit a shopping centers per month in Peru. Last year this was 52,4 million visits.

The ex-Lima Chamber of Commerce director, Juan Borja says that lately there has been an overall growth in the industry. Peru’s sales industry is booming at the moment.

The high productions of sales are due to an increase in the number of shopping centers in Peru. At the moment there are 59 shopping malls in the country.

The shopping center industry will be further promoted by pointing out all the advantages Peru has gained.

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