Shameful moments at the Copa Peru

Shameful moments at the Copa Peru
Wednesday October 22, 2014
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An embarrassing event happened during the regional semifinal of the ‘Copa Peru’. Some football players of the losing team (Bolívar de Tumbes) just dropped to the floor and pretended to be injured. The referee had to stop the game and therefore the winning team wasn’t able to score more goals.

When there were just 7 minutes of playtime left 5 players of the Bolívar de Tumbes team rushed to the floor grapping at their legs, as if they were injured and could not play anymore. At that time the score was 4-1. The winning team La Bocana ignored the other players and scored a 5-1. The referee then had to end the game. It will be replayed on Thursday. It is still unknown if the authorities will take any action because of the attitude of the players.

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