I scream, you scream, Peru screams for ice cream!

I scream, you scream, Peru screams for ice cream!
Thursday February 25, 2016
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As this is an El Niño year, the climate in Peru is much hotter. In northern Peru, temperatures are predicted to be historically high this summer. This means that with higher temperatures, the demand and desire for ice cream will most likely increase.

Peru’s ice cream brand D’Onofrio has predicted this increase in demand and, therefore, responds with an increase in its supply. D’Onofrio plans to launch 14 new products and also will distribute 20% more products in the northern regions.

The head of D’Onofrio, Doménico Casaretto, asserts that the ice cream industry is one that requires a constant and continual development of products. The company is currently working on a healthier line of products, as this is the new fad.

Their healthier line begins with Peziduri frozen yoghurt with honey, and they will continue to expand their product base with more options. In addition to healthy options, D’Onofrio also focuses on advertising towards children with their delicious Gragéalo y Mulki and Alaska.

Many reports have been made about the effects and duration of El Niño. If predictions are correct, D’Onofrio has made a smart business move to increase its product line and respond to increased demand with an increase in production.

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