Scientists to Explore Peru´s Alto Mayo River Basin

Scientists to Explore Peru´s Alto Mayo River Basin
Tuesday July 18, 2017
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A group of scientists is set to explore Peru´s Alto Mayo river basin in mid-August. Specifically, the scientists are investigating the biodiversity above and below ground in this protected area of Northern Peru´s San Martín department.

According to The National Service of Protected Areas of Peru (SERNAP), a group of 50 different scientists from both Peru and abroad will be a part of this expedition.

Besides researching the area´s surface biodiversity, the scientists will also be looking into the subterranean biodiversity of the area, by visiting the calcareous formations in the caves of Cerro Blanco.

Moreover, the group hopes to figure out which water sources supply the populations in the region and what changes these water sources have seen.

A third goal of this expedition is study how the development of sustainable tourism in the region has impacted the diverse underground ecosystems.

Long-term, the plan is to figure out a way to sustainable marry the region´s tourism industry, with the protection of the caves in Cerro Blanco.

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