Schengen visa waiver agreement flourishes in Peru

Schengen visa waiver agreement flourishes in Peru
Tuesday October 04, 2016
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The European Union Ambassador to Peru has declared that the Schengen visa waiver agreement is flourishing in Peru.

The agreement was formalized in mid-March, when Peruvians were able to travel to more countries with their biometric passports.

After examining the results in the recent months, the Ambassador, Irene Horejs, asserted that there were no issues for the Peruvians traveling to the specified European countries in the agreement.

Though there were a few hiccups at the borders, there were no major problems, and the few problems that there were will be remedied as soon as possible.

Ever since the Schengen visa waiver was put into effect, the number of Peruvians that have traveled to Europe has increased.

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