Sale Inti Raymi Tickets Already Started

Sale Inti Raymi Tickets Already Started
Tuesday April 17, 2018
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Sale Inti Raymi Tickets Already Started

Since the 9th of April, you can buy tickets tickets for the most popular tourist event in Peru: Inti Raymi, the sun festival in Cusco. The Inti Raymi is celebrated every year on the 24th of June.

Being an important religious ceremony, the Inti Raymi festival attracts many tourists, but also locals. The event takes place at the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park.

Emufec, the Municipal Company of Festivities, put into effect an online ticket reservation and purchase system. Tickets for the reenactment of the traditional ceremonies of the Inca culture can be bought on the official website of Emufec.

The price for a seat lies between US$100 and US$150 depending on the category. In total, more than 3,750 people have the opportunity to buy one of these spaces.


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