Russian Exhibition about ancient Peruvian Civilizations and Artifacts

Wednesday April 03, 2019
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There is a new exhibition held in The Russian Museum of Ethnography in the Marble Hall in Sint-Petersburg, Russia. The exhibition is called “The Gold of the Inca Empire. God. Power. Eternity. 2000 Years of a Great Civilization”. It is dedicated to the interesting and memorable past of Ancient Peru.

In the exhibition, visitors can admire 86 valuable and original objects from the ancient Peruvian civilisations. All these objects have a personal message that the modern man.

Enriching our view on human development in the South of America is the main goal of this exhibition.
A group of the objects that you can visit at the exhibition are part of the collection of the Gold Museum of Peru. These objects were collected over the years by Miguel Mujica Gallo, who was a collector and the founder of the Gold Museum of Peru in Lima and Weapons of the World.

Some Peruvian masters who made objects, that you can admire now on the exhibition, prove the artistry and aesthetic perfection of it, they speak a universal language of creativity.

According to the website of the Imperial Gold Exhibition, gold was for the ancient Peruvians the symbols of the sun and their gods. For the ancient Peruvians gold also stood for life, warmth and light. Besides that, Incas also considered themselves as rulers of the sun basing their power and strength on this belief. Gold shown in forms of decorative insignia stood for power improvement.

The exhibitions will show visitors a complete view of the traditions and cultures of the Incas and pre-Inca cultures. Peru is very proud of this exhibition that can be admired between March 27 and August 1 2019.

Additional Info:
You can book a Museum Tour in Lima and visit the Gold Museum and the beautiful Larco Museum

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