Rome of South Americas Juli (Puno), is back

Rome of South Americas Juli (Puno), is back
Wednesday April 10, 2019
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Juli, a town in the Puno-region situated in the southeast of Peru, is also better known as the Rome of the Americas because of its beautiful architecture and temples in colonial style, similar to the ones in Rome. The town is back on its track to recover its splendour. Juli wants to become a centre for tourists who love culture.

Juli – also called “the Jewel of Puno” – was founded in Colonial times by the Dominicans. The main goal of those Dominicans was to build religious temples. In these temples, they wanted to prepare missions for evangelism across South America.

The presence of the strong Catholic religion turned the city into a great city of Catholic fervour. The principal tourist attractions in Juli are churches, temples and famous arches.

Students of the University of Piura moved to Juli to start purposeful research. The main goal of the research is to enhance the historical character of a site that in the past was visited by Jesuit authorities who wanted to learn Aymara and Quechua.

Researcher Carlos Zegarra Moretti oversees describing and dissemination of the documentary collection of ‘Parochial Books’ from Juli. He gets help from current Archbishop Monsignor Ciro Quispe Lopez.

They call the project as a first step towards transmitting cultural and heritage values to different nationalities and people. Besides that, it’s also identifying the cultural and pastoral work of Jesuits in the town. The archive is very important for the identity of Juli and will be shown as a memory of such character.

According to Zegarra, the research is focused on the cultural side of the site that didn’t receive enough attention from those who are responsible for the cultural dynamism. The project will be finished in April this year.

Juni is and will definitely be worth a visit.

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