The Rolling Stones rock out in Lima

The Rolling Stones rock out in Lima
Tuesday March 08, 2016
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Last Sunday, the Rolling Stones made history in Lima. Although Mick Jagger has previously been in Peru, the band had never performed a concert here. They played for the first time in Peru in front of 70,000 Peruvians on Sunday, March 6th.

Even with the first chords of ´Star me up,´ the crowd went wild for the famous band. The four stars, Jagger, Richards, Wood, and Watts, truly delivered to all of their fans in Lima.

The rock and rolling lasted for 2 hours as the fans enjoyed their most famous songs, such as ´´It´s only Rock ´n Roll,´´ ´´Tumbling Dice,´´ ´´Angie,´´ ´´Like a Rolling Stone,´´ and ´´Satisfaction.´´

The band will complete their tour through Latin America in the coming months. They have deemed the tour ´´Latin America Ole Tour 2016´´ and will continue on to Columbia, Mexico, and Cuba. Anxious fans will await their arrival as they make dreams come true throughout Latin America.

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