Rainbow Mountain will be Regional Conservation Area

Rainbow Mountain will be Regional Conservation Area
Tuesday July 03, 2018
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Rainbow Mountain will be Regional Conservation Area

Fabiola Muñoz, Peruvian Minister of Environment, assured that the Vinicunca Mountain, better known as Rainbow Mountain, located in Cusco, will be a Regional Conservation Area as a recognition of its worldwide attraction.

The Minister commented that, to achieve this goal, different authorities have to help the dossier to guide us in the right course in the regional government of Cusco.

You can read in the Peruvian national newspaper, El Peruano, that the minister pointed out that in the case of the mining concession of the so-called Vinicunca mountain, the State had a quick reaction. The President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, and the ministers solved the issue quickly.

The Canadian company Camino Mineral was given the mining concession last week but has decided to renounce to the concession for cultural and tourist purposes. The Peruvian government will deliver 12 new 4 x 4 trucks to strengthen monitoring actions so support the park rangers in 11 Peruvian Protected National Areas (ANP).

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