Rainbow Mountain damaged by large tourist numbers?

Rainbow Mountain damaged by large tourist numbers?
Tuesday May 15, 2018
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Rainbow Mountain damaged by large tourist numbers?

The Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, also called Vinicunca, is a 16,000 feet high, multicolored mountain visited by around 1000 tourists every day.

It was discovered five years ago and is now a must-visit attraction for tourists and travelers in Peru. Due to the high number of tourists, now people are afraid that the landscape will be damaged. A wetland has already been converted into a parking lot.

According to locals, the global warming made the Rainbow Mountain visible. Years ago, the mountain was covered with snow and people did not know about the colored mountain.

Tourism has improved the economy of the region providing jobs for locals who work as guides or porters, amongst other things. Charging US$ 3 per person, they yield around US$ 400,000 every year.

However, according to Peruvian biologist Dina Farfan, tourists and guides kill the goose laying golden eggs and the parking lot destroyed the shelter of migrating ducks. Lately, the Camino Minerals Corporation applied for mining rights in the region.

John Widmer, an American tourist, reported that the hike to the Rainbow Mountain was one of the worst treks he has ever done as the weather was bad, the trail conditions awful and the guide careless. In retrospect, Widmer thinks that he also destroyed a bit of the Andes that get demolished by the huge number of tourists.

Lately, a new Rainbow Mountain, the Palccoyo, was made accessible. If you want a less crowded Rainbow Mountain experience, a tour to the alternative Rainbow Mountain is a great option for you!

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