Q’uma: Responsible Enterprise sells Peruvian Chocolate

Q’uma: Responsible Enterprise sells Peruvian Chocolate
Friday November 15, 2019
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This chocolate convention assures a constructive living situation for its 120 direct female cultivators, in the middle of the Peruvian Andes. Uncover where to find your candy bar!

Cacao is known for its qualities that make people feel good, from fostering mood to bettering digestion. Thanks to Q’uma, a Peruvian chocolate business, consumers will feel even better.

The name Q’uma comes from the Aymaran word q’umara, which means: healthy. No wonder that the business uses exclusively organic and natural ingredients, ever since their opening in 2015. Amid their first two years of functioning, the Peruvian chocolate business gained a national reputation for its high quality. One year later, Q’uma reached gold at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards in New York, where they succeeded thanks to their Maras Salt 70% dark chocolate bar.

But still, exquisite chocolate is not uncommon in Peru. Then, what makes Q’uma chocolate so special? Through direct cooperation with remote communities in the fertile Peruvian Andes (counting 160 women in Junín), the enterprise succeeds in establishing a positive work habitat for its employees. Q’uma’s manager, Francesca Valdivia: “I was willing to higher our product value, to foster the income of our cultivators. They are usually concerned about the future of their children. And although being a farmer might have a negative stigma, I highly appreciate it.”

An interesting milestone for those who love sweets: Q’uma has just introduced its sugarless bar, good for people with diabetes.

With approximately 10.000 followers on Facebook, Q’uma is sold all over Peru. In Cusco, you can visit El Museo del Café (Calle Espaderos 136), Las Frescas (Calle Shapi 478) and La Rabona (Herrajes 146).

If you plan to visit Arequipa, take a look at El Ekeko (Mercaderes 141).

Various healthy food companies in Lima sell Q’uma chocolate, counting Flora y Fauna (Av. La Mar 1110, Miraflores), Dédalo Café (Saenz Peña 295, Barranco), La Sanahoria (Av. El Polo 670 CC El Polo 2, Surco), Thika Thani (Av. Aviación 2808, San Borja), Pharmax (Av. Salaverry 3100, Magdalena) and obviously all Wong stores.

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