A Quinoa Explosion

A Quinoa Explosion
Tuesday February 09, 2016
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At Coya restaurant in London, officials of the Peruvian Trade Office organized a quinoa tasting for renowned food critics.
Claudio De la Puente, Peruvian ambassador to the United Kingdom, asserted quinoa´s nutritional benefits and explained the economic impact it is having all across the world.

A British importer of quinoa, James Livingstone, admitted that Andean communities in Peru showed much dedication to the growth of quinoa and have contributed to its different varieties of production.

With an increase in shipment of 25% since 2014, Peru is the world´s largest quinoa producer. It exports over 2,400 tons of quinoa to Britain alone.

Peruvian cuisine is gaining more and more momentum as time goes on. First-class Peruvian restaurants are being opened all throughout Europe. Particularly in the United Kingdom, the Trade Office and the Peruvian Embassy are working to promote the ever-growing Peruvian gastronomy.

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