Quechua make an important contribution to Spanish language

Quechua make an important contribution to Spanish language
Monday July 13, 2015
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Peruvian President Ollanta Humala praises the unity of Hispanic Sphere and the contribution Quechua has made to the Spanish language.

During his visit to Madrid and the Royal Spanish Academy(RAE) President Humala emphasized the fact that language is hugely important to the merging of western and Andean cultures. In a speech which he gave during his visit he highlighted how the Quechua language and the beliefs of the Andean people have influenced the Spanish language. He also said:
“Peru is a multilingual country; we have cultivated a group of languages, and one of the clearly objective contributions from the Western and Andean convergence is the language, which unites Latin America and Ibero-America”, The RAE is an institution that promotes unity between the different Spanish speaking territories and guarantees a common standard keeping the Hispanic sphere in unity.

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