Qali Warma will provide nutritious breakfast for Peruvian school kids

Qali Warma will provide nutritious breakfast for Peruvian school kids
Tuesday November 17, 2015
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While presenting the new 2016 Qali Warma Procurement, Manual Peruvian Development and Social Inclusion Minister Paola Bustamante announced that in 2016, Qali Warma – a government-run program designed to provide breakfast to students from low-income households – will provide school breakfasts that contain 85% more quinoa than in the past, while an extra DHA component will be added to milk to support children’s brain and cognitive developments.

“The purchase process will begin on December 7th . . . because we want to provide breakfasts all over the country from the first day of school in 2016,” the Minister told Andina news agency. This process is expected to include 1,304 tons of quinoa to increase consumption across the nation.

Bidders who submit their proposals including DHA-enriched milk, will get an additional score that grants them an advantage before competitors in the tendering process. This program will continue distributing industrialized direct-consumption milk (milk with cereal) packs in order to guarantee food safety.

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