Puno celebrates 350th anniversary: What to do and where to go

Puno celebrates 350th anniversary: What to do and where to go
Wednesday October 31, 2018
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Puno celebrates 350th anniversary: What to do and where to go

The south-Peruvian city of Puno is known for its proximity to Lake Titicaca and is said to be the capital of Peruvian folklore. This can be seen during the various celebrations of saints when locals dress up in traditional costumes to dance and to play their century-old regional songs. Soon there is a new reason for a celebration: on November 4th, 2018, Puno celebrates it’s 350 anniversary.

This special event both locals and travelers the chance to get engaged in the unique culture of this colonial city. There are many activities planned to rejoice this milestone. For example, the 36th edition of the Regional Competition of Music and Studies is held in Puno around this time. This year this competition is extra special because the Federation of Puneña Dancing will also participate in this game. This cultural experience can be attended by travelers and is held in the municipal theatre of Puno.

However, the festivities start on October 30th with different parades organized by schools in the region. These happy occasions are the perfect time for travelers to see the traditional clothes of the Puneñans and to hear their music. On the 31st there is a more serious parade: the military parade, where the Peruvian army shows their pride in the country and the city of Puno.

The real party starts on the 4th of November though, the day the city was founded by the Spaniards. On this day there is a big market with countless activities on the market of Puno. Workshops are given by locals to perish their culture.

If you have seen all of the activities, you can go sightseeing in and around Puno. The various islands on Lake Titicaca are breathtaking and visiting the various churches in Puno is also definitely worth your while.

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