Protest Against Candidate for President Keiko Fujimori

Protest Against Candidate for President Keiko Fujimori
Thursday June 02, 2016
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Thousands of Peruvian citizens came together on Thuesday for a peaceful protest in Lima, during the march they expressed their dislike of Keiko Fujimori as a presidential candidate just a few days before the elections.

Not only in Lima but also in other cities in Peru and in other countries around the world were protests against Keiko Fujimori.

The protest was attended by members of student associations and other guilds, politicans and normal citizens.

Keiko is the daughter of the former president of Peru; Alberto Fujimori.

Albert Fujimori decreed a self-coup which allowed his regime to shut down the Judiciary power and the Congress 24 years ago.

After this the former Head of State wanted new elections to establish a Constituent Assembly. The pro-Fujimori majority was allowed to create a new Constitution for 1993 by the Democratic Constituent Congress.

After Keiko’s parents divorced, she was named First Lady to her father and served from 1994 until 2000.

Alberto Fujimori was president of Peru from 1990 until 2000. There was a scandal which involved the Intelligence Advisor Vladimiro Montesinos, the politician his job via a fax from Japan. He was later extradited from Chile back to Peru in 2007.

He is still serving a 25-year sentence in Lima for crimes against humanity. His regime was also accused of being corrupt.

His daughter Keiko Fujimori got elected as Congresswoman in 2006. She already ran for president once in 2011 but lost in the run-off to the current President Ollanta Humala.

Keiko is currently leading the Fuerza Popular party in Peru.

On the 5th of June the Peruvians will vote for their new president; either the 41-year-old Keiko Fujimori or the ex-Officer/minister of the World Bank 77year-old Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

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