Pre-Incan Artifacts Discovered in Cajamarca

Pre-Incan Artifacts Discovered in Cajamarca
Wednesday May 17, 2017
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Pre-Incan artifacts were recently discovered in province of Cajamarca by a group of tourists visiting the Ilucan Hill.

What the tourists found was 100 different pieces of metal that seemed to belong a certain collection. The tourists then handed over these artifacts to the Municipality of Cutervo.

These pieces of metal were confirmed to be pre-incan gold by the Peruvian archaeologist, Walter Alva. Alva marveled at the fact that the pieces were not only original, but very well preserved as well.

Alva also believes that these artifacts were used in the tomb of a noble child and can be dated back to a period in Peruvian history known as the Middle Horizon. The Middle Horizon is best known as a time of great cultural exchange between the different pre-incan civilizations of the Wari, the Cajamarca, and the Moche.

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