Potato Vodka From Peru Chosen The Best In London

Potato Vodka From Peru Chosen The Best In London
Friday October 26, 2018
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Potato Vodka From Peru Chosen The Best In London

A Peruvian based vodka named 14 Inkas won the golden medal in the category “micro-distillery” during the annual event Vodka Masters in London. This has been announced by the Peruvian Ministry of Innovation and Production.

To make this acclaimed vodka, 14 Inkas made use of potatoes that only grow in Peru. This gives its own flavor to the vodka, which was praised by the jury of this contest.

The competition was organized by the in London based magazine The Spirit Business. The magazine is a pioneer in ranking various spirits from around the world, while also providing tips to make your own cocktails.

The 14 Inkas Vodka is produced by the Destileria Espiritu Andino, a small distillery which is located in the village Ollantaytambo and tries to use as many native products as possible. Due to the fact it uses regional products and thus stimulates the economy of Peru, the company receives a subsidy from the Peruvian Production and Innovation program.

However, this isn’t the first time that 14 Inkas was praised for its quality and taste. Earlier this year the vodka already won the prize for best spirit during the New York World Wine & Spirit Competition.

Native Potatoes

The Destileria Espiritu Andino uses as many local products as possible. The potatoes used for the 14 Inka Vodka are cultivated in the high-Andean regions by small-scale farmers.

According to the founder of the Destileria Espiritu Andino, Omar Cosio, Peru should be proud of its variety of potatoes. More than 3000 types of potatoes grow in the old Inca country, which can be used to make unique vodkas.

Cosio also thinks he can strengthen the position of his company in other Andean countries, such as Colombia and Chile. This could be a step-up stone for markets like the US and Europe.

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