Popular website shows you Where to Eat Peruvian food in Washington D.C.

Popular website shows you Where to Eat Peruvian food in Washington D.C.
Monday June 27, 2016
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A very popular website in the U.S, Eater.com, designed an interactive map of Washington D.C. “Where to eat Peruvian food around Washington D.C. This map encourages the readers to explore the delicious cuisine of Peru.

The website Eater.com has more than 11 million visitors each month and has a team of critics, editors and videographers who are specialized in gastronomy in the U.S.

This portal highlights the Peruvian gastronomy by compiling a special list of 10 Peruvian restaurants in D.C.

Few meals can reenergize the eaters like fresh fish, chilled potatoes and a Pisco sour, ceviche is a very popular Peruvian dish, especially in the summer.

The actual Peruvian food tourism has its roots in the Andean nation but those who are unable to make the journey can now try the Peruvian cuisine in Washington D.C.

The map provides a tour through Chicken Rico, a Peruvian restaurant specializing in roast chicken (known as Polleria by the Peruvians). The map also includes Nikkei and Chifa food options such as China Chilcano, and popular Peruvian food trucks in the city.

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