Pope to Eat Ceviche during Visit to Peru

Pope to Eat Ceviche during Visit to Peru
Tuesday December 12, 2017
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Pope to Eat Ceviche during Visit to Peru

Ceviche, the flagship dish of Peru and Peruvian cuisine, will be one of the dishes that Pope Francisco will taste during his visit to the country between January 18 and 21.

The Apostolic Nuncio in Peru, Nicola Girasoli, reported that, based on the humility and simplicity that characterizes him, the Supreme Pontiff always asks that typical dishes of the country he visits be included. Ceviche, a typical Peruvian delicious blend of seafood cooked in citrus juices, surely fits the description of a typical Peruvian dish and is also one of the healthier ones.

“It’s like a deference to the country he comes to, but Pope Francis also likes fish and meat and, since Peruvian food is world famous, he’s sure to taste it,” he said.

He explained that the food that Francisco will consume in Peru will be prepared by nuns, following a series of instructions to preserve the health of the Holy Father, “considering that he travels a lot and needs to take care of himself.”

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