Plans for a New Line in Lima´s Metro Network

Plans for a New Line in Lima´s Metro Network
Thursday April 24, 2014
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When travelling to Lima, it is hard to not notice all of the traffic and the disorganized system of transport. Lima is working to better their public transport by looking to build a Line 3 for Lima´s Metro Network. The date is still not determined yet, but it is hoped that the project will be awarded by the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.

The recently added Line 2 took over a year and half for the project to be awarded, and it is expected for Line 3 to take about the same amount of time. The starting date will depend on how the market responds and the study of the project´s feasibility. According to ProInversion, they will start looking to a hire a consultant to perform feasibility and pre-investment studies within a couple of weeks.

The original design of this Line 3 intends to cover areas of Lima, such as: Comas, Lima Cercado, Los Olivos, Miraflores, Surco, and San Isidro. However, ProInversion will perform studies to discover the passenger demand and create the route service based upon their findings. Line 3 of Lima´s Metro Network could be another helpful solution to the unorganized public transportation system.

Furthermore, ProInversion’s head said that “in a matter of weeks or days” the invitation to tender for hiring a consultant to perform feasibility and pre-investment studies of the third corridor of Peru’s first-busiest rapid transit system will start.

Likewise, Illescas underlined the said studies will determine, depending on passenger demand, which will be the route service of the third new line to be added to the Peruvian capital Lima’s current metro system.

Peru gov’t to award Lima Metro’s Line 3 by late 2015

Lima, Apr. 21. Peru’s government is likely to launch the bidding of the Lima Metro Network’s Line 3 by the end of 2015 or starting 2016, the Andean nation’s private investment promotion agency (ProInversion) said on Monday.

The initial design of the third corridor spans seven districts, namely, Surco, Miraflores, San Isidro, Lima Cercado (Downtown Lima), Rimac, Los Olivos, and Comas.

“The date is still under discussion as it depends on both the project’s feasibility study and how the market will respond,” ProInversion’s Executive Director, Javier Illescas, said in statements to Andina news agency.

“As the studies progress, the dates of the bidding for the Line 3 of the nation’s busiest rail system will be set,” said the government official, while noting that in the best-case scenario the project is due to be awarded at the end of 2015 or starting 2016.

“The studies of the recently-awarded second corridor of the capital’s Metro Network were carried out through one and a half year,” said Illescas. “Taking this as reference to the length of Line 3’s studies, its award process would be held somewhere from late 2015 onwards”.

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