Pisco sour festival

Pisco sour festival
Wednesday February 10, 2016
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Every first Saturday of February Peru celebrates the official Pisco Sour Day. And on this occasion the ‘Pisco Sour Fest Costa Verde’ took place in Lima at Marbella beach. During this festival over 3000 people participated.

This festival is all about the possible different mixes of the popular Peruvian drink Pisco Sour. Barmen from the best discos and the best bars in Peru come to the festival to show their varied mixes.

Spicy Sour, Sami Sour, Green Tea Sour and Limo Sour were the most popular fusions; those drinks stood out because of their uniqueness and originality.

All the 3000 participants tasted and enjoyed the many different variations of the Pisco Sour. The traditional Peruvian cocktail is made of Pisco – a Peruvian brandy – lemon, glucose syrup, egg-white and cinnamon.

Among the participants were foreigners, entrepreneurs, tasters and barmen, who were all astonished by the variety of drinks and by the quality of the local Pisco sold at the festival.

Apart from all these drinks the festival also offered Peruvian food. Dishes like “chanco al palo” (roasted pork) and “pachamanca” (a stew pot with meat and potatoes) were served. And for desserts they used traditional recipes from Lima.

The organizers of the festival were satisfied with the results, but promised to organize an even better show for the next year to be able to continue to amaze all the participants.

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