Pisco is officially Peruvian! The European Commission recognizes Peru as the origin of Pisco

Pisco is officially Peruvian
Wednesday July 06, 2016
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Peruvian leaders have been pushing this development with the intent of protecting and promoting Pisco as Peru´s national alcoholic beverage. With this acknowledgment of the European Commission, Peru as Pisco´s origin will be protected and guarded on an international level.

For many years, Peru and Chile have debated over the origin of Pisco; each country claims itself as the rightful origin. Although the European Commission has deemed Peru as the official origin of the liquor, this doesn´t mean that Chile can´t use the name ´´Pisco.´´

It does mean, however, that Peru will officially be the country geographically associated with Pisco. Furthermore, Peru will be known as the symbol of Pisco within the scope of the European Union.

Many Peruvian leaders were present as the process of acknowledging Peru as Pisco´s origin took place. It was a special moment for Peru, especially seeing that leaders had been working on this development since 2012.

The president of the Committee of Pisco Exporters Association, José Miguel Poblete, asserts what a positive opportunity it is to be deemed the origin of Pisco among such big consumers, such as the United States, Germany, the UK, Spain, and France. With this new recognition, he expects Pisco exports to Europe to continue to flourish.

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