A Pilgrimage in Honor of a Famous Legend to Take Place in Ayabaca

A Pilgrimage in Honor of a Famous Legend to Take Place in Ayabaca
Tuesday October 11, 2016
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During the week of October 10th-14th, Peruvians and Ecuadorians will take part in a pilgrimage in Ayabaca in honor of a famous legend.

Ayabaca is a town in the north of Peru, just before the border of Ecuador. An old legend that centers around the town sparks this famous pilgrimage every year.

The legend says that a Spanish priest, García Guerero of Ayabaca, wanted to create an image of Christ into a tree trunk. Three men came to him and volunteered for the job, but they wanted to do it in secret, with no one watching.

After a few days of no word from the three men, the towns people went to investigate. However, the men were gone and the image of Christ was there in the tree trunk.

To this day, it is believed that the three men were angels from above. Their story has contribued to the faith of many people throughout the region.

Because of this, thousands of people journey to Ayabaca every year in honor of the sculpture of Christ, called el Señor Cautivo. The main festivities take place on October 13th, when Señor Cautivo is paraded throughout the city.

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