A Piece of Peru´s History Will Come to the U.S.

A Piece of Peru´s History Will Come to the U.S.
Friday April 25, 2014
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When you travel to Peru, it is hard to miss its beauty and rich culture. Peru has so many wonders that have been being discovered over the past century. The United States for a long time has been very interested in the history and archaeological artifacts of Peru. The vice president of National Geographic, Kathryn Keane, states that “National Geographic has been sharing the stories and the archaeology of ancient Peru for more than 100 years.”

The National Geographic Museum will be featuring the exhibit “Peruvian Gold: Ancient Treasures Unearthed” in Washington DC. It will take place from April to September of 2014 with an exhibition of Pre-Inca gold and silver craftsmanship. The exhibition will include amazing artifacts, such as the “El Tocado”. It is a pre-Columbian headdress that will be on display in the United States for the first time since it was unearthed in 1991.

While scholars and history aficionados from the United States greatly revere the precious artifacts of Peru, it is sad to say that some people do not have the same kind of respect. Recently there have been several vandalism crimes to important archaeological objects. One of the most disturbing was the awful act of an unknown individual who spray painted initials on the twelve-angle stone in Cusco. Nevertheless, authorities have recently been taking actions to bring more security to the areas where there are such precious and valuable artifacts. Peru looks to better embrace and protect its heritage in the future.

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