Photographs of uncontacted Amazonian tribe

Photographs of uncontacted Amazonian tribe
Tuesday December 27, 2016
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Photographs of an uncontacted Amazonian tribe in Peru were captured recently by a photographer who was taking a detour to avoid a heavy rainstorm above the Amazonas.

The Brazilian photographer did not have much time to take these photos, but he spotted this unknown tribe while flying over Acre, a state located in the north-west of Brazil close to the border of Peru. He is currently working on a book about other indigenous people.

Accordingly, on his return flight, the photographer took more pictures of the indigenous people and it is estimated that the population of the tribe total around 300 people who also plant bananas, sweet potato, manioc and peanuts.

In this area of the Amazonas, there are approximately 80 more of these unknown tribes whose existence is threatened by illegal loggers, miners and drug traffickers.

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