Peruvians living in France helped give aid after attack

Peruvians living in France helped give aid after attack
Monday July 18, 2016
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Many people were gathered along the beach in Nice, France to watch the fireworks show when a truck plowed through the city and killed more than 80 people.

A Peruvian student, Andres Farfan, commented on his experience during the commotion: ´´I was right in front of the beach when I heard the screams; me and my friends were having dinner at a building near the coastline.´´

Another Peruvian, Joel Fernandez, was close to the danger zone and ran to help. He says, ´´I was close to the area and, as many people, I did not hesitate to approach firefighters and nurses to help save at least one life.´´

As helicopters brought in supplies to help those injured, people all around the area offered to help provide aid in the tragedy.

The Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry has asserted that there haven´t been any Peruvian casualties in the incident.

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