Peruvians Celebrate National Salchipapa Day

Peruvians Celebrate National Salchipapa Day
Tuesday November 15, 2016
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On Sunday, November 13th, Peruvians gathered to celebrate National Salchipapa Day with the famous Peruvian dish.

The Salchipapa dish was originally created by the people of Lima as a cheap dish that could be enjoyed when finances were low. It is considered the ´´fast-food´´ of Lima.

The plate consists of French fries and fried sausage, with mayonnaise or garlic on the side as a sauce.
Various experts that specialize in gastronomy united to celebrate this famous plate. In fact, numerous renditions of Salchipapa were presented at the event.

The coast presented Salchimarina, which had a variety of fried fish instead of the traditional sausage. It was accompanied with barbecue sauce as an added twist.

Other versions of Salchipapa included Salchicharrón, made with pork and sweet potatoes; Salchimazónica, made with smoked meat, fried eggs and potatoes; and Salchicuy, made with fried cuy and other typical ingredients.

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