Peruvian Tribal Leaders Join Leonardo DiCaprio in United States

Peruvian Tribal Leaders Join Leonardo DiCaprio in United States
Wednesday May 10, 2017
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Several tribal leaders from the Peruvian Amazon recently joined Leonardo DiCaprio in the United States to take part in the People´s Climate March.

Before the march, DiCaprio met with the different tribal leaders to discuss climate change and to pose for photos. It seemed that both the tribes and DiCaprio were honored to have the chance to meet one another.

For example, DiCaprio posted photos with each one of the tribal leaders to his Twitter account. One of the tribal members, Ronald Suarez, leader of the Shipibo-Konibo-Xetebo tribe, said that it was ¨great to meet someone who is committed to fighting against climate change.¨

After their meeting, DiCaprio and the tribal leaders marched side by side during the protest.

The event, which happened on April 28th in Washington D.C. was rallying cry for those who want to see more changes in policy to combat the growing realities of climate change.

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