Peruvian Sandwich Shop Opens in Chicago Outskirts

Peruvian Sandwich Shop Opens in Chicago Outskirts
Tuesday July 18, 2017
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A new Peruvian sandwich shop has opened up in the outskirts of Chicago. The chef, Cesar Chang, is a native of Peru who decided to show the United States what Peruvian food is all about.

The name of Chang´s restaurant is Sanguche, which is the word in Peru used to refer to sandwich. Fittingly, his restaurant is modeled after the traditional Peruvian sandwich shop, and offers typical selections like their best-selling lomo saltado sandwich.

Chang was interviewed by the local newspaper in Naperville, the Naperville Sun and discussed his culinary training at Peru´s Le Cordon Bleu Institute, as well as his time working as a hibachi chef in various cities across the United States.

Additionally, Chang talked about what is was like to work with his mother, who is partner in his business.

Saguche is located in Naperville, a suburb of 150,000 people, just outside of Chicago.

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