Peruvian Researchers Discover Century-Old Cemetery

Peruvian Researchers Discover Century-Old Cemetery
Friday December 14, 2018
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Peruvian Researchers Discover Century-Old Cemetery

There has been a new archeological discovery in the northern Peruvian region of Chiclayo. An antique cemetery has been found at the archaeological site of El Chorro. The special thing about this sighting is that it includes a feasting area used to celebrate death. This has been announced by Edgar Bracamonte, the responsible person for this archaeological project.

The cemetery consists of at least 32 tombs. However, it is notable that these tombs belong to two different civilizations that used to live in this region. To wit, 23 tombs date back to the last stage of the so-called Mochica culture, and the other nine pertain to the Lambayeque civilization. Furthermore, there is a big chance that even more tombs will be found in this region, as the unearthing process has not stopped yet.

This archeological site is notable due to its high amount of tombs, which are still in a good state and relatively close to one another.

Most of the old graves were used to bury women and children. The showpiece is the tomb of a woman that is buried with a wide variety of tools, clothes, copper, and an authentic know which is typical for the Lambayeque culture. This object suggests that this specific woman was on top of the hierarchal ladder in the society, as the special knife was not found anywhere else.

Another thing that is remarkable: The feet of all the 17 children that were found were cut off! The exact reason for this is not certain, but researchers think it has to do with an offering ritual.

Fortunately, there is probably a lot more interesting things to be found here. Researchers will keep on executing unearthings in this region.

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