Peruvian region Lambayeque expects 800 000 tourists in 2014

Wednesday February 12, 2014
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Lambayeque is a Peruvian region located in the north of the country and that borders on the Pacific Ocean.

The region is mostly known for the Moche (100 AD- 800AD) and Chimú (900 AD- 1470AD) civilizations and the archeological sites and museums related to this history.

According to Vanessa Castañeda, head of the office for tourism and handicrafts in Lambayeque, nearly 800 000 tourists are going to visit the region in 2014, which is a rise of 10% compared to 2013.

To reach this amount, her office will keep on promoting the ecotourism in the region and they will call attention on the new tourist attractions in Lambayeque, namely Morrope beach and the Udina Wildlife Refuge, which is a, since 2011, protected area where you can discover, among others, a unique ecosystem with 41 endemic species of plants, 11 sorts of birds and 3 types of mammals.

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