Peruvian Princess Marries German Prince in Lima

Peruvian Princess Marries German Prince in Lima
Monday March 19, 2018
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Peruvian Princess Marries German Prince in Lima

Last Friday, Alessandra de Osma and Christian of Hannover celebrated their religious wedding in the Peruvian Capital Lima.

In 2014, the Peruvian Princess and the German Prince got to know each other and celebrated their civil wedding in London on the 24th of November in 2017. On Friday, the couple married in the San Pedro Basílica in Lima.

Alessandra de Osma, also called “Sassa”, is a lawyer and an ex-model. In Europe, she is also known as the “Princess of the Andes”, however, she is now the Princess of Hannover and Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg.

Christian of Hannover is the son of Ernest of Hannover and millionaire Chantal Hochuli from Switzerland. He is the half-brother of Carlota, Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi. His stepmother is Carolina of Monaco.

On Saturday, the couple celebrated with traditional Peruvian dishes and Peruvian decorations in the Museo Pedro de Osma.

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