Peruvian Pisco won a gold medal in Russia!

Peruvian Pisco won a gold medal in Russia!
Thursday March 03, 2016
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The 11th and the 12th of February this year the 23rd International Exhibition for Food expo was held in Moscow. During this event the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture awarded the Peruvian “pisco macerado” and “maca” with a gold medal, and the “Chulpi corn” with a silver medal.

Local and traditional products from 64 countries were displayed at the exhibition. Both the Peruvian products stood out during the International Tasting Contest to find the best product, and won the gold and silver medals.

The Russian market would be the perfect target market for the Peruvian pisco macerado and maca. Maca is very nutritional, pisco offers several benefits, and the combination of the two is ideal for an environment where the temperatures frequently drop below zero degrees.

The recognition from the largest country in the world is a big deal for Peru! These medals and the recognition guarantees a certain demand in Mosco and the rest of the country. This demand has to be met in the following months.

An important goal for the maca and pisco industry in Peru is to conquer Russia; especially the Russian cities where the FIFA World Cup will take place in 2018. This important international event gets millions of visitors, and is thus a very strategic sales location.

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