Peruvian Photographer Goes on South American Road Trip

Peruvian Photographer Goes on South American Road Trip
Tuesday February 14, 2017
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Peruvian photographer, Javier Echecopar, went on a 5-mounth road trip through South America with his wife and daughter. The Echecophar family traveled over 16,000 miles in total, beginning their travels in Santiago, Chile.

From Santiago, Echecopar and his family traveled down south to Ushuaia and came northward inland, exploring the mountains of Patagonia, as well as the Andes in Peru and Ecuador, before descending southward again along the coast.

Along the way, Echecopar took photos of the local communities he encountered in order to capture spirit of South America.

However, Echecopar wasn´t the only family member to interact with the local peoples. In Peru, Echecopar´s 7-year-old daughter learned Quechua in a school with children in the Sacred Valley.

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