Peruvian National Team Moves Up in World Ranking

Peruvian National Team Moves Up in World Ranking
Tuesday July 18, 2017
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The Peruvian national soccer has moved up in the FIFA world rankings from 15th place to 14th place, putting them just behind heavyweights like Spain, England, and Italy.

However, Peru faces a lot of tough competition from other South American teams. The national teams from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia still rank higher than Peru.

Peru also faces a tough road ahead with qualifier matches against Ecuador and Bolivia, which will determine if Peru will secure a berth in the 2018 World Cup. Peru must win these games in order to qualify.

Despite the obstacles, there been a lot of buzz this year about Peru rising in the rankings, as a team with young talent and a lot of promise. If Peru manages to keep their streak and qualify for the World Cup, it will be the first time that Peru´s national team has made it since 1982.

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