Peruvian Mummy is one of the Best Discoveries of 2016

Peruvian Mummy is one of the Best Discoveries of 2016
Tuesday January 24, 2017
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This past year, a female woman was found in Peru. This Peruvian mummy has been declared as one of the best discoveries of 2016.

The Institute of Archaeology of America has declared a list of the top 10 discoveries of the past year, and this mummy made the list.

The mummy was discovered in April by a research team surveying the archaeology in the site of Aspero. This is just north of Peru´s capital, Lima.

The skeleton was found wrapped and tied with wool and ropes, and it was formed in curled-up position, surrounded by organic materials.

Furthermore, there was a bowl placed next to her with various vegetable remains, in addition to various objects, such as flutes, surrounding the bowl.

These details indicate that the woman, who is believed to have died at age 40, held a high status in the society of that time.

This discovery has enlightened the world of more details of the Aspero people, such as their love of music and religious beliefs.

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