The peruvian Mango Grows in popularity

Mango Grows in Popularity
Monday November 28, 2016
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The Peruvian mango is growing in popularity, especially in the Chinese market. In fact, mango exports have increased dramatically this past year.

Peru´s National Customs and Tax Administration announced that exports of Peruvian mangos has increased 628% this year.

Experts estimate that this surge in mango exports is due to the recent agreements that expanded China´s free trade agreements. In addition, direct flights between China and Peru have been increased in order to facilitate easier trade.

Additionally, other Peruvian exports, particularly asparagus, have increased as well. Furthermore, experts expect various Peruvian products, such as tangerines, blueberries and apples to expand in the Chinese market.

Peruvian products are rapidly expanding on a global scale, making Peru a popular trade partner among many countries.

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