Peruvian farmers using ancient techniques to improve their crops

Peruvian farmers using ancient techniques to improve their crops
Monday August 24, 2015
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An article The Guardian entitled: The three wonders of the ancient world solving modern water problems has noted Peru along with India and Kenya who’s farmers are using ancient techniques in the modern world to help solve problems caused by the weather.

The farmers of the highlands that join Peru and Boliva have managed to survive the altitude and harsh conditions for thousands of years. They have to endure bitter cold and extremely harsh sun at an altitude of 4000 meters and above. As scientists have predicted that the weather is likely to become even more unpredictable farmers have decided to take steps to protect their vulnerable crops.

The farmers are reviving an ancient practice, which for some reason their ancestors stopped using, but can help protect their crops from freezing and from droughts. The system, which dates back as much as 3000 years, resembles an intricate maze of raised crops and trenches. In times of rain the trenches catchthe water and begins to drain it when there is too much. The saved water can then be used in times of draught. Scientists have also shown that the crop beds and trenches create their own micro climate which protects the crops from frosts.

In the communities men and women are working together to repair old trenches and to build new ones. The system has so far been very successful with crops in 2013-14 producing more than double the average of crops gown on the plain.

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