Peruvian Farmer Creates Organic Fertilizer

Peruvian Farmer Creates Organic Fertilizer
Wednesday May 24, 2017
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A Peruvian farmer is helping fight climate change in his community, by creating an organic fertilizer. The farmer, Jammer Vega, is just 17 years old and lives in the San Martín region of Peru.

After seeing firsthand the effects of climate change on his fellow cocoa farmers, Vega decided to take action. Therefore, he developed BIOL, a fertilizer made completely from biodegradable plant material and water.

BIOL is better for the environment than most fertilizers because it saves water and helps the root systems of the coca plant to grow.

Futhermore, using BIOL is also more cost effective than other fertilizers. Vega maintains that BIOL is very affordable for his fellow farmers and that it is also very easy to get the ingredients needed to make the fertilizer.

For farmers like Vega living in the San Martín region, coca farming is oftentimes their only livelihood and offers a way out of poverty. For this reason, Vega intends to continue looking into more innovative agricultural techniques that will help the farmers of his region better adapt to the changing climate.

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