Peruvian Cuisine continues to grow

Peruvian Cuisine continues to grow
Tuesday March 29, 2016
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On Tuesday, March 29th, the National Gastronomy Association will host a forum about the future of Peruvian Cuisine. It will occur in the Chiclayo Municipality´s auditorium.

This forum is a precursor to a more formal international congress that will take place in mid-April. Chiclayo is well-situated to have a regional meeting about the subject before the formal meeting next month.

The forum is entitled, ´´New Challenges of Peruvian Cuisine,´´ and will involve many leaders that are interested in the future of Peru´s famous food.

Several different speakers, such as Mariano Valderrama, Josue Portocarrero, Mejia Baca, and Luis Ginocchio, will discuss the prospect of Peruvian cuisine. Because it has become quite famous, they will brainstorm its continued promotion and development.

Entrance to the forum is free, but attendees will be strictly culinary experts and students from regional cooking schools.

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