Peruvian Cotton at the 2014 World Cup

Wednesday November 20, 2013
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According to news agency “Andina”, Peruvian cotton will be used to make uniforms for at least six teams participating in the 2014 World Cup.

Peru might have failed to qualify for the World cup, but “Peru will be present (at the World Cup), as we are manufacturing the clothes that will be used in the sporting events,” said Antonio Castillo, the commercial advisor for PROMPERU in Brazil.

The list of teams that will wear Peruvian cotton jerseys was not available at the time of writing. “Peruvian manufacturers from the Gamarra Emporium will send 260,000 shirts to Brazil just in November, which is equivalent to US$700,000, and will export products with a value of US$3,000,000 until February of 2014,” Castillo added.

According to Andina, Castillo explained how PROMPERU had been able to support Peruvian textile businesses in making transactions abroad with their Expo Perú fair, which was held in Belo Horizonte. Peruvian cotton is known worldwide for its high quality and therfore Peru just launched a competitiveness plan for an ambitious 2013-2014 worldwide cotton campaign.

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