Peruvian Coffee Receives 3 Awards

Peruvian Coffee Receives 3 Awards
Wednesday October 31, 2018
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Peruvian Coffee Receives 3 Awards

During the fourth Annual Contest Of Locally Roasted Coffees AVPA, which was held in the French capital Paris, three Peruvian coffee brands received prices. This event ranks coffees in a variety of categories and then chooses which ones are the best in their specific classification.

The Peruvian brands that won these prestigious prices are from different regions. The Junin region is represented by the brands Incanforests’ café Levado Arabiva and Cafe de Papa’s Arabica Bourbon. Both companies went home with a medal in the category of Round Balanced coffee. A well-balanced coffee is characterized by the fact that the different flavors and aromas are spread out evenly over the tongue.

The Pasco region is also represented in the prices. To wit, Finca Santa Rosa’s won a medal in the category of “Soft and Fruity.”

The gain of these three coffee brands is exceptional and considered as a big achievement for the whole Peruvian coffee industry. To wit, the coffees stood out between more than 160 special coffees from over 20 countries. Coffee has very distinguished tastes all around the world and also the preparation of beans is essential to make a good coffee. Peruvian coffee beans also won a whopping 23 awards during various events in 2017.

Annual Contest of Locally Roasted Coffees AVPA

The contest was held for the fourth time this year in the French capital of Paris. The Agency organized this award show for the Valorization of Agricultural Products or AVPA in short.

The main goal of this organization is to get coffee into the spotlight for professional tasters. Currently, there are already special sommeliers for wine, beer, and whiskey, but coffee also has very distinguishable tastes. Thus it is high time for coffee to be loved passionately.

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