Peruvian coffee exports will increase in 2016

Peruvian coffee exports will increase in 2016
Wednesday August 31, 2016
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Peru´s Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry estimated that Peruvian coffee exports will increase greatly this year.

Last year, coffee exports reached $600 million, and this year the amount of exports is projected to reach $700. Peru exports to 48 different markets, the primary countries being the United States, Germany, and Belgium.

Furthermore, the director of Agribusiness Section, Angel Manero, commented on the low price of coffee at the moment. He said, ´´In the international context, we are talking about prices standing at nearly US $110 per quintal. These had exceeded US $300 million at a certain point.´´

Nevertheless, Manero asserts that productivity is a big factor in the business. Although the price of coffee is currently low, Peru´s exports are still expected to increase throughout 2016.

Coffee is Peru´s second most important natural product. Last Friday, August 26th, Peru celebrated this commodity´s significance with Coffee Day.

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