Peruvian Cocoa Exports Hit US$2 million

Peruvian Cocoa Exports Hit USS2 million
Wednesday October 11, 2017
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With more than 3,000 acres available for cocoa planting in the Piura region, many experts are forecasting great potential for Peru in terms of their ability to produce the highly sought-after plant.

Peruvian chocolate has been rising up the ranks in terms of popularity around the world which would help the Piura region in terms of maximizing its cocoa production. According to reports, the region currently averages 700 kilos per hectare but this figure is expected to rise to 1,500 kilos with the newfound popularity.

Eduardo Espinoza Tamariz of the Regional Technical Table of Cocoa, explained that exports of Pirua´s cocoa generate an income of two million dollars per year where it is eventually commercialized predominantly in Europe and North America. Nearly 1,700 Peruvian farmers dedicate their livelihood solely to the production of cocoa.

Piura has a special type of cocoa with a unique color, flavor and aroma,” said Espinoza.

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