Peruvian City Grows in Popularity for Business Tourist Destination

Peruvian City Grows in Popularity for Business Tourist Destination
Tuesday October 11, 2016
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Peru´s city Arequipa, known as ´´the White City,´´ is quickly growing in popularity as a business tourist destination.

Specifically, Arequipa has excellent hotels, tourist attractions, and high quality service that make it a growing destination for business conferences.

The Exports and Tourism Promotin Board has declared Lima, Cusco, Ica and Arequipa to be the best cities in Peru for business meetings.

The Foreign Trade and Tourism Director, Miguel Apaza, said of the increasing interest in Arequipa as a destination: ´´Arequipa is emerging as one of the top regions for this sector, for instance, the Mining Convention takes place here; moreover, the Andean region will host APEC meetings this year with 23 Foreign Trade ministers coming from powerful countries around the world.´´

Additionally, Interclima 2016, an environmental event, will take place in Arequipa. The Alpaca Moda Fashion Fair will also be held here at the end of October.

As Arequipa continues to impress with its services and beautiful setting, more and more international meetings, conferences, and events will be hosted here.

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